Following a serious accident in 2001, Francois Cote (co-inventor of Turbomed), sustained a permanent drop foot. He was frustrated using multiple different AFO’s during his recovery as he found they all limited motion or were uncomfortable and prevented him from returning to his pre-injury functional level.

Francois teamed up with Stephane Savard (entrepreneur, co-inventor and orthotist / prosthetist) and between them they designed, manufactured and tested numerous different designs before finalizing the Turbomed FS3000 AFO. The FS3000 was different from other AFOs on the market due to its exoskeleton design and its ability to deliver significant functional improvements to thousands of patients

The XTERN from Turbomed was launched in 2018 and has replaced the FS3000. Its new design is 10% lighter, more resilient, has improved appearance and easier to assemble and modify.


How does it work?
What to expect

Fits externally to shoe / boot maximising comfort. Attaches via a lace clip attached to the patients shoe

Suspends on wide heel unit of shoe · Pretensioned into dorsiflexion allowing it to store and release energy

Improves dynamic agonist/antagonistic relationship · Design allows “normalised” ankle function (promoting neuroplasticity)

Does not interfere with proprioceptive feedback from the sole of the foot & Can be used in conjunction with ankle braces / insoles .

100% transferable between shoes / boots / sandals · Can be used for walking, running, sports and recreational activities.

2 year manufacturer’s warranty · 4 “Kit” sizes available (covering UK shoes sizes 9 child-15 adult) · Customised manufacture